For over 30 years Clutha River Jet has operated on Lake Wanaka and the Clutha River but has decided it is time for a change. Still a product of Lakeland Adventures Wanaka and still the same thrilling river experience, however Clutha River Jet now has a new name! Introducing Wana Jet, Wanaka’s newest exciting jet boat, one you won’t want to miss. Using the same fleet of custom designed jet boats, built for maximum manoeuvrability, shallow water and high thrills with a fresh touch of paint.

Lakeland Adventures Wanaka believed it was time to up the excitement not only with the trip but also with the new look. Our boats have had a make over, now bright green standing out from any crowd down the river and on the lake. As far as your trip is concerned, not too much has changed, still in great scenery, convenient and focused on customer service. However, what we have changed is the excitement down the river; now designed as an unforgettable ride, the ride of your life. With more tunnels and over hanging trees, more spins and new manoeuvres at higher speeds keeping you on the edge of your seats. Yet we haven’t forgot the magic of Lake Wanaka and it picturesque setting still stopping to awe and relax in its beauty.

Wana Jet is still a trip designed to combine both a relaxing cruise over Lake Wanaka and the excitement of jet boating one of the Worlds swiftest rivers. Whether you want to see Wanaka’s alpine ranges and unique waterways or an adrenaline junkie looking for an experience not to be forgotten Wana Jet in the trip for you.