With Lakeland Adventures Wanaka passenger safety and satisfaction is paramount demonstrated via extensive maintenance and risk management policies. Our aim is to ensure customers enjoy an experience that meets the highest standards in safety. Lakeland Wanaka prides itself on its procedures used to meet and surpass the industry standards required for commercial jet boating. As with all safety systems Lakeland Wanaka frequently reviews their policies making improvements at every chance.

“Our aim is to ensure customers enjoy an experience that meets the highest standards in safety”


Our Drivers


Our skilled drivers are all high trained professionals whom undergo thorough and intense training before carrying their first passenger along with ongoing training throughout their employment. Lakeland Wanaka drivers are also employed for their knowledge, locally and regarding the world famous New Zealand jet boat. Our trip rarely changes so our drivers literally know the river and boats like the back of their hands. Feel free to ask our drivers about our boats during your trip and get a full picture of their awesome ability.

Your Safety

Jet Boat on Lake Wanaka With Wana Jet

Customer safety is paramount with Lakeland Wanaka maintained via our maintenance and risk management strategies. Please follow all instructions given by the driver to ensure safety and comfort, and parents/guardians are responsible to ensure their children also follow these instructions. Please advise Lakeland Wanaka staff if you have any condition that may affect your safety on the ride.

Our Jet Boats


Lakeland Adventures has a fleet of custom jet boats designed for maximum manoeuvrability, high thrills and shallow water.  Wana Jets are constructed of heavy-gauge welded aluminium with the ability to carry 13 passengers. The power comes from a 383 Mercruiser V8’s thrusting 380 litres of water per second out its Hamilton 212 jet unit. Our boats are inspected annually via an external Maritime New Zealand auditor in addition to daily visual inspections conducted by our trained drivers.

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